The South Denmark European Office

We connect southern danish businesses, public and private actors to the European Union, its funding programmes and international networks and partnerships.

The South Denmark European Office (SDEO) is a not-for-profit association and partnership between the Region of Southern Denmark and the region’s 22 municipalities.

Contact us to explore the possibilities in projects and collaborations with dynamic southern danish partners.

Our team of EU consultants provide expert guidance, assistance with project development and network opportunities that enable southern Danish and international partners to share know-how and develop international projects that deliver growth, learning and development.

Key areas of international opportunity 

The South Denmark European Office actively matches European and Danish partners in EU projects, and supports projects with management and co-ordination.

Our team works to build and strengthen the synergy between european and southern Danish strengths in fields including:

Health and welfare innovation
Energy, climate and the circular economy
Future skills and education

– and many more.

Here are a few examples of our recent projects.

European networks and partnerships

The South Denmark European Office is an active member of many pan-European networks, both independently and on behalf of public and private organisations and institutions.

We work to create local, regional and European partnerships and collaborative projects, and to build international awareness of southern Denmark’s skills, strengths and innovations.

SDEO is also a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions.

Meet our team


Adam Lützau Hesselholdt

Skilled labour and education
+32 490 302 930

Allan - portræt

Allan Nordby Ottesen

Health and welfare
+45 22 14 53 59


Anna Jørgensen

Culture, design and tourism
Internationalising danish municipalities
+32 496 283 766


Anne-Sofie Riis

+32 477 779 061


Bjarne Andersen

Business and innovation
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
+45 25 48 21 25


Emma Rosenbek Severinsen

External and internal communications
+32 490 302 931

Helle Bech Sørensen-Hylle

Energy, climate and resources
Internationalising danish municipalities
+32 492 330 937


Henriette Hansen

Skilled labour and education
+32 477 777 615


Jens Bøgetoft Christensen

Skilled labour and education
+45 30 61 61 37


Jesper Vestergård Hansen

Business and innovation
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
+45 22 44 70 84


Kasper Kjeldgaard

Business and innovation
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
+45 22 57 13 90


Louise Marie Birkegaard Nielsen

Student assistant
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
+45 22 56 56 90

Marie Wegner Hove

Marie Wegner Hove

Health and welfare
+32 490 309 929


Pernille Dagø

Energy, climate and resources
+32 493 562 854


Rasmus Anker-Møller

+ 32 477 780 382


Sarah Theil Pedersen

External and internal communications
+32 490 566 256


Siri Raahede Bentzen

Business and innovation
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
+ 32 477 778 533


Thomas Jensen

Energy, climate and resources
+32 477 779 103


Anne-Sofie Herskind



Sofie Emilie Rossen



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